What Are Movement Means to Us?

a business built on love, loyalty, and trust- one life at a time. Arctic vipere is a self awareness clothing brand, to target those who are quiet and afraid. looking to invest one message, one meaning, and one truth- into those who struggle with alcohol/ drug abuse and addiction, depression/ anxiety, and being alone/ lost. The "AVA Movement" (Arctic vipere apparel movement) was created for one purpose: to "to Love and to inspire."- Through the word OF GOD! the meaning behind the name "arctic vipere"- as we know the "arctic" is the only colony that can't condone vipers, and is known as a cold isolated place. the symbolism of the arctic represents the separation of GOD and His purpose. "vipere" (viper) has two spiritual meanings on one side the snake symbolizes- death and destruction- as the enemy only wants to see you fall- God is the everlasting Love that doesn't allow you to break., but most importantly we are convinced to be cold before we become warm. Only through Jesus Christ we are forgiving of our sins. The enemy wants to see you Separated and Through AvA- God' Word Will be expressed to those who are lost and now found.